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Less of this

I asked for this feature two weeks ago and didn't even get a response!!! 🤬
I'm so sorry I didn't see the notification. Will work on it now.

With just one function!

emailMe(`${name} has sent you a request`, `${details}`) 
✉️ Alex sent you a request
You don't need a business email to start your business save time and money with EmailMe.

Stop wasting time and money managing a new email

You don't need to setup a new email to get started with your next project. Just use EmailMe and get started right away. 1 minute setup.

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Solopreneur Plan

$15 $10 per year

  • 1 email address
  • Up to 100 emails per month
  • Unlimited notifications saved to your dashboard
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Team Plan

$30 $20 per year

  • Up to 5 email address
  • Up to 300 emails per month
  • Unlimited notifications saved to your dashboard
  • Dashboard link available to your whole team
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How EmailMe Works

Baxter DFreelance Developer
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As a freelance developer I need to know when certain things happen as they happen on my sites. Implementing a notification system can be needlessly tedious to set up and integrate into each site.

EmailMe allows me to hit the ground running with developer notifications, removing the middleman and helping me keep track of services.


Why do I need EmailMe?

When you setup a new project, you need to be notified every time a user contacts you, unsubscribes or does anything you need to handle manually. As an indie developer you need to focus on the core of your product without handling every single issue that may arise from the start. Instead you can use EmailMe to notify you when a user does anything. If EmailMe saves you 20 minutes of work than it's worth your money. If it doesn't, you can cancel your subscription.

Which tech stacks does this work for?

All. EmailMe is a simple API that can be used on any server using the API. However, we have a dedicated NPM package made to be used in a Node.js and Next.js environment.

How is this different to setting up sendgrid, postmark or mailgun?

Unlike these email services EmailMe takes 2 minutes to setup. While this does not replace user email services this does not require you to have a business email or the effort and money to setup one of these services.

Is this secure?

Yes. We use restricted API keys to manage your notifications. As longs as you keep your API key secure, your notifications will be secure.

When should't you use EmailMe?

If you use Slack or Discord for notifications EmailMe won't solve your problems. However, if you are like me and use your emails as a way to handle key parts of your project. EmailMe will help you stay notified and on top of your project. If you need to send customer emails from a custom domain, you should use a service like SendGrid, Postmark, or Mailgun. EmailMe is for notifications only. However, you can use both and use EmailMe for notifications and another service for customer emails.

Focus on what really matters and know when your users need you

Do things that don't scale and focus on what really matters, your customers.

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Hi I'm Alex 👋I built EmailMe to scratch my own itch. I like to build and it seemed like every time I setup a new project I would need to pay for a business email and setup some way to notify myself when someone contacted me through one of my websites. So I built EmailMe to save me time and money. Now I am sharing it with you so you can focus on building products people love and not worrying about things that truly don't matter, like a business email.